Product: VIRBAC Allermyl® Shampoo 200ml

VIRBAC Allermyl® Shampoo 200ml


An  unscented shampoo, used to help soothe irritated skin, for pets prone to allergies.


 Formulated with special considerations for pets prone to allergies, our Allermyl Shampoo provides targeted care for sensitive and itchy skin.

  • Restores Skin Damaged by Allergic Reactions
  • Maintains Microbial Balance
  • Cleanses, Soothes, and Moisturises
  • Ideal for use even in cases of mild to superficial skin infections associated with allergies
  • Easy-to-use, eco-friendly environmentally-conscious packaging.

Formulas that are backed by science, ensuring optimal care for your pet’s skin and coat.

Whether it’s routine grooming or specific dermatological concerns, choosing the correct product is essential to keep your pets coat and skin healthy.


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