Product: MEDPET Doxysyrup 25ml

MEDPET Doxysyrup 25ml

MEDPET Doxysyrup 25ml


Medpet Doxysyrup is a doxycycline antibiotic in the form of a syrup.

Medpet Doxysyrup is an oral antibiotic for cats and small dogs.

  • Ultra-broad spectrum antibiotic make it the product of choice for treating “snuffles” in cats.
  • Palatable syrup makes it easy to dose.
  • May be mixed with food.
  • Special formulation reduces vomition associated with doxycycline capsules.
  • Safe to use for extended periods when treating chronic conditions such as Haemobartonella, Campylobacter, Staph aureus, Pyodermas, Osteomielites and Prostatites.


An oral antibiotic for cats and small dogs.


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