Product: ULTRA PET Kittens 4kg

ULTRA PET Kittens 4kg

ULTRA PET Kittens 4kg


A complete and nutritionally balanced diet.


For dry kitten food packed with nutrients, choose Ultra Pet. Kittens require a higher percentage of protein in their daily diet than adult cats do. Which is why we offer you an optimally balanced pet food, filled with high-quality ingredients – including Fresh Meat as a better, healthier protein source that will gently support them as they grow into healthy adults. Ultra Pet Optimal Balance food is a complete and balanced diet that has been scientifically developed by a veterinarian and animal nutritionist. And it’s a vet-recommended kitten food.

It contains Vita-Cat, which provides the essential vitamins and minerals kittens need for a healthy and active progression towards adulthood, while Taurine promotes good eyesight development and healthy cardiac activity. Whether you have a 4-month-old, 3-month-old, or 8-week old kitten, you can’t go wrong with Ultra Pet.

Our new, vacuum-coated kibble locks the flavour in and introduces your little fur ball to a taste experience that they will love. The recipe is designed to suit the dietary requirements of your kitten and helps to ensure that they maintain an ideal body condition for a healthy and active life.


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