Product: ULTRA PET Optiwoof Puppy Adult 8kg

ULTRA PET Optiwoof Puppy Adult 8kg

ULTRA PET Optiwoof Puppy Adult 8kg


Super healthy puppy food


Help your pup live an ultra-great life! We can assure you that you’ll get some of the best puppy food South Africa has to offer when you choose the Optiwoof range. Ultra Pet understands that your puppy’s good health is reflected in the way they look, feel and develop – it’s in their strong muscles, high energy levels, shiny coat and healthy skin. This super healthy puppy food has been developed by our resident veterinarian and animal nutritionist. It is suitable for all breeds and will deliver the required levels of protein and fat to help your pup develop into a healthy, active adult dog. Our new range has been formulated with the inclusion of prebiotics, a plant-based fibre that helps to improve intestinal and digestive system health.


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