Product: SWAVET Tick Grease 500ml

SWAVET Tick Grease 500ml

SWAVET Tick Grease 500ml


Effective Hand-Dressing for Tick Control in Cattle


Effective Hand-Dressing for Tick Control in Cattle

Dosage and Administration:

Introducing SWAVET Tick Grease, the reliable hand-dressing solution for controlling ticks on cattle. Follow the provided directions for usage. For optimal hygiene, it is recommended to wear rubber gloves during application. This remedy is specifically designed for patch treatment only. Apply a thin and even layer using a brush or gloved hand. Focus on areas such as the ears and bare patches where ticks tend to cluster when necessary.


SWAVET Tick Grease offers effective control over ticks on cattle, ensuring the well-being and comfort of your valuable livestock. By specifically targeting tick-infested areas, this hand-dressing solution helps to reduce tick burdens and minimize the associated risks. With this product, you can effectively manage tick infestations and create a healthier environment for your cattle.

Safety Information:

To ensure safety, it is important to keep this product out of reach of children, uninformed persons, and animals. Although extensively tested under a wide range of conditions, it is essential to acknowledge that treatment failure may occur due to various reasons. If you suspect any issues or have concerns about the product’s effectiveness, promptly seek veterinary advice and notify the registration holder. Prioritizing the safety and well-being of your cattle is crucial, and professional guidance is recommended.


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