Product: ANTROVET Kawe Prodder

ANTROVET Kawe Prodder


This electric coaxer is a durable and designed to comply with regulations


Efficient livestock transportation and skilful management are essential for successful animal husbandry. With this product, you can ensure safe and convenient livestock handling. It is designed to comply with regulations regarding animal transport and slaughter. This electric coaxer is a durable and reliable choice for farmers and animal handlers.

Unleash the Power of Electric Prodder Technology

This product is a versatile tool that aids in the movement and management of cattle. This makes it an invaluable asset on any farm. This electric prodder features electronic controls and an automatic cut-off mechanism. This provides precise and controlled stimulation when needed. The device’s durable duroplastic casing ensures longevity, even in demanding agricultural environments.

Compliant and Animal-Friendly

The importance of animal welfare is always the number one priority. Our prodder complies with regulations to ensure the humane treatment of livestock during transportation and handling. The buzzing sound when activated serves as a gentle coaxer, guiding animals without causing harm or distress.

Powerful and Convenient

Operating on two 1.5v mono cells alkaline batteries (not included), this product delivers consistent performance. Its lightweight design and ergonomic grip ensure easy handling, reducing fatigue during prolonged use.

Embrace Modern Farming Practices

With this product, you can elevate your livestock management practices to new heights. Whether you need to move cattle within the farm or during transportation, this electric prodder offers the precision and control required for efficient animal handling.

Invest in Quality and Reliability

As a trusted name in agricultural tools, Kawe takes pride in offering durable and dependable products to farmers worldwide. This product is no exception, meeting the highest standards of quality and functionality.


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